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Together with my partners and investors we will fund the purchase of a home, commercial property, private jet, yacht, or business.
Simple solutions for the complex world of private aviation
We are builders, brokers, and sailors working hard so you can Yacht easy
Tailored insurance solutions to protect your assets
Property Title & Escrow done right.
I speak, you learn.
Accelerating dreams into practical results

about me

Hola! I’d like to share with you my story because I believe a good relationship starts by knowing one another. I hope that you and I will be able to meet so that I can hear your story. In the meantime, here’s a little about how I become a serial entrepreneur.
I am Cuban by birth and American by the grace of God. I migrated from Cuba to South Florida as a teenager and became emancipated in my sophomore year of high school. During this time, I realized that life was filled with an abundance of success that could be earned, but required more than just the strong work ethic my parents instilled in me. It required education, institutional knowledge, and strategic relationships. So, I read everything I could, created solid personal and work relationships, and tried to learn from everyone I met. (Fortunately, I’m a people person.) That combined with working tirelessly made me a top producer by 21 in the mobile telecommunications industry.
My big break came when a complete stranger offered me a business opportunity because he saw my potential and the value I brought to the table. I took it, and by age 24 was an accomplished business owner with financial abundance. This was the foundation for becoming an entrepreneur. Since that time my entrepreneurial spirit as well as my tolerance for risk has led me to build many businesses across different industries including mobile telecommunications, real estate, import/export/wholesale of electronics goods, fire-security, healthcare services and management. In 2004 I became a Risk Manager for the fire and security industry, this education afforded me to establish a business consulting and management firm in 2006 which has been a conduit for contract negotiations, holdings, venture capital brokerage, talent management, mergers and acquisitions. Since starting, my client portfolio has exceeded $1 billion US in transactions.
Though I am a serial entrepreneur, I always developed one business at a time. Some failed, others succeeded. I learned an important lesson from a massive venture failure in 2014: Diversify, diversify, diversify. Now I’m focused on growing Insurance Writers of America and Title Writers of America which are 3 insurance businesses I own and operate. In addition, I own an aviation brokerage company where I sell private jets, aircraft maintenance plans and operation management.
Through it all, I’m fortunate to have achieved a level of success that allows me to give back to the communities that have supported my endeavors. In 2014 I started The Curbelo Family Initiative, a multi-faceted non-profit platform with the goal of helping our community with education, motivation, and resources for a better life. I also serve on the board of Neighbors for Neighbors and South Florida Aviation Maintenance Council two non-profit organizations that are in sync with my initiative and values. 

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